I am Kyra and I am 19 years old

I was always on the healthy side from childhood as i used to gorge on junk food everyday

I started having health issues and thats when I decided I should stop everything and lead a healthy lifestyle. So I cut down on junk, sugar and rice and started maintaining a healthy diet. I joined Sculpt to accelerate the process and started working out while taking their ice sculpting treatment.

The treatment along with the workout and a healthy balanced diet, I achieved the impossible.

I was 86 kgs and now I am 53 kgs.

Nothing is impossible in life if u have the passion and patience to achieve it! If I could do it, anyone can, have faith.

Thank you.

I lost an incredible 13.8 kilos in 10 weeks thanks to the *Sculpt’s* fabulous slimming program and their professional team of consultants & therapists! Now, at 53 years of age, I feel at least 10 years younger and have much more energy & stamina than ever before. Thank you *Sculpt* for this life changing experience!!!