About Us

A Note From Geetaa Paul

Sculpt is a Geetaa Paul initiative backed by her expertise & experience of over 2 decades in the industry.

Sculpt brings to you the advantage of the latest technology in slimming & beauty and is supported by a team of enthusiastic well trained counselors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, doctors, technicians & more.

Besides its own signature line of treatments in slimming and beauty, Sculpt also brings to you the best & top of the line Indian & International treatments.

At Sculpt we truly believe that “Everyone’s born beautiful, all you need is a little Sculpt”.

Equipped with the best in the industry, Sculpt is dedicated and determined to work holistically towards a confident, healthier, beautiful YOU.

Our Vision

Welcome to our world of Sculpting at Sculpt by Geetaa Paul. We are because our clients are.

At Sculpt we believe: Everyone’s born beautiful.

We at Sculpt are dedicated to work with the clients holistically towards making them feel beautiful inside out Keeping our clients happy and giving them the best service is the ultimate SCULPT VISION

Why Choose SCULPT?

Sculpt’s Pledge Is To Keep Up With The Latest Trends And Developments In The Industry.

Sculpt’s Is Supported By A Team Of Enthusiastic Well Trained Counsellors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Technicians And More…

Sculpt’s Brings To You The Advantage Wealth Of The Modern Research Technology In Its Complete Line Of Aesthetics Treatments.

Sculpt’s Signature Line Of Treatments Both For Skin And Hair Are Exclusive With Excellent Results.

Sculpt’s Partners With The Best International Brands And More

All For Its Valuable Customers And That’s YOU.

Our Strength

Sculpt started its journey on 16th of oct 2016 and proudly announces having more than 1000 existing customers and adding up continuously. Happy customers are our Biggest Strength. Team sculpt constantly thrives to put in their best efforts to work towards the same.