How does Multi-Polar Radio Frequency shrink fat cells?

How does Multi-Polar Radio Frequency shrink fat cells?

How does Multi-Polar Radio Frequency shrink fat cells?

Multi-Polar is one of the most advanced developments in RF technology. The Multi-Polar RF Body Probe uses RF Power, which focuses on both the skin and the fat cells. This controlled intensity and concentrated energy is completely safe and extremely effective in delivering results that are noticeable from the very first procedure. All of these with no pain, no downtime, no scars.

RF energy penetrates the skin and directly affects the collagen-rich dermal tissue. Vibrational waves stimulate the production of new elastin and collagen without destroying healthy tissues. As a result, the skin regenerates and tightens.

Second, the regulated depth of Multipolar RF enters the fat cells, generates friction energy, raises local temperature to accelerate metabolism, shrinks fat cells, eliminates toxin from the body through the sweat gland and enhances lymph circulation. It results in less visible cellulites and decreased circumference.

Multi Polar RF is one of the treatment procedures performed in our Slim-Lipo Body Sculptor Treatment which involve the following procedures:

Treatment procedures

  1. Complex AHA peel is used instead of the body scrub to refine the skin and prepare it for absorption of the slimming ampoules and creams to be used. Although it cost 3x more than a body scrub, it saves time for you to have to go to the bathroom to clean off your body peel. The effect is even smooth, abrasion-free skin. (Preparation and peel for 10mins
  2. Depending on the issues that the client may face at the treatment point, the slimming coach will then choose ONE (1) of the following treatment procedures. (10minutes)

a. Cavitation: Anti-cellulite

b. SlimLipo Laser: Break down fats.

c. Radio Frequency Vacuum: Reduce water retention.

d. Radio Frequency: Further fat breakdown.

e. With all the released water and toxins “floating” within the body, Manual Lymph Drainage massage is performed to flush it all away. (15mins)

  1. With all the released water and toxins “floating” within the body, Manual Lymph Drainage massage is performed to flush it all away. (15mins)
  2. Target areas will be wrapped with Thermal slimming ampoule and slimming gel before relaxing in an infra-red heated blanket to complete the detoxification process. (20mins)
  3. Measurements will be taken before and after the treatment and results can be expected right after the very 1st treatment. (5mins)

How effective is the treatment?

By combining aesthetics technologies and weight loss know-how, Healing Touch has finally come up with a personalized support program designed to equip you for permanent weight loss that is second to none.
Here is an overview of our 4-pronged approach to helping customers achieve their ideal body weight and shape.

1. LATEST TECHNOLOGIES – Non-invasive, pain-free and effective technologies to achieve better than good results.
Melt fats away and shorten your weight loss journey by 70%.

• Release stored fats for use as exercise fuel.

• Focus on areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

• Flush out impurities when targeting surface fats.

• Tighten the skin and smooth the cellulites.

2. JUMPSTART BODY DETOXIFICATION – Your Slim Coach will provide you proven strategies to reset your body to its ultimate function so that it can efficiently absorb nutrients and increase metabolism.

Key highlights include:

• 7 days power detox program that will get you down to 1 dress size.

• Importance of water and how it allows you to lose weight.

• Negative calorie diet and how it makes you automatically still lose weight.

3. COACHING SESSIONS – Your Slim Coach encourage, challenge and support you to progressively regain control of your body and mind.

Key highlights include:

• Understanding your ideal weight and how to reach it slowly.

• Know what is stopping you and how to solve it.

• Power assertions that keep you on track.

• Strong techniques to banish cravings and binge eating.

4. DIET AND LIGHT EXERCISES – We are what we eat, no weight loss program can be sustainable and successful without healthy lifestyle changes.
Key highlights include:

• The best way to eat it.

• The food list that helps you lose weight.

• Diet cheats that allow you to indulge in your favorite food.

• Guide the weaving of exercises into your daily routine.

• Suggested exercises that fit your personality and lifestyle.

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